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LiveScan Service Request Form
for Hiring Units

Please complete all fields of this form and click the 'Submit' button. Please make sure all information has been entered in correctly before clicking 'Submit'.

In addition to this form, your applicant also needs to fill out an Applicant Live Scan Service Request. Once both forms have been processed, we will email the applicant to come in to be fingerprinted.

All inquiries should be directed to Marcia Buenafe at (831) 459-2764 or you can email

Name of New Hire: Last
First MI
Hiring Unit:
  *Campus Mail Mailcode, NOT Payroll Distribution Code
Manager or Supervisor:
Manager or Supervisor Email:
Job Title of New Hire:
Level of Background Check
California Department of Justice:

*If the applicant has resided in a state other than California in the last ten years, we will automatically perform an FBI background check as per SHR policy. If neither box is selected, both checks will be performed.

Types of Employment Action:
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
New hire/Rehire:
Yes No
Yes No
Reclass/Duties Reassigned:
Yes No
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SHR Service Team Representative:
Representative Phone:
Representative Email:
Representative Mailstop:


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